1. All South African residents up to 19 years on 1 April 2024 may enter.

2. Previous first prize winners may not enter.

3. An entry fee of R300 will be charged.

4. Closing date for entries: 27 January 2024.

5. To participate in Round 1 all entrants must present a recording for adjudication. (See Repertoire List: Round 1)

6. An electronic link (YouTube preferred) must be submitted by e-mail. Alternatively a CD-recording can be mailed to: 2024 Hennie Joubert Pianoforte Competition Conservatory of Music Private Bag X1 Matieland, 7602.

7. The recording must be received no later than 27 January 2024, certified as original by your teacher, parent or commissioner of oath.

8. The chosen repertoire must be indicated correctly and in full on the official online entry form.

9. A quality photo (sufficient definition for publication in the programme) must be uploaded with the online entry.

10. The entry fee can be paid via electronic bank transfer or deposit. Account Information: Account Name: Stellenbosch University Bank: Standard Bank Branch Code: 050610 Account Number: 073006955 Reference: Hennie Joubert Piano Competition.

11. Candidates may include additional works to conform to the overall time limit of round 3.

12. The time limit for the Final Round must be carefully checked. If the chosen movement does not meet the required minimum time limit, another movement from the same work may be added.

13. All entries will be subjected to a process of elimination in the first round. Only 10 candidates will be invited to participate in the second round and will be informed no later than the end of 1 February 2024.

14. Five candidates can participate in the final round with the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra.


The competition will take place over 4 rounds

First round

CD-recordings: closing date 27 January 2024

Second round

1 April 2024 in the Endler Hall, Stellenbosch

Third round

2 April 2024 in the Endler Hall, after which the finalists will be announced.

Final Round

6 April 2024 in the Endler Hall, with the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra.


All participants in the second round will receive a certificate at the Gala evening.

Prizes for the final round

First Prize: R22.000 Hennie Joubert Trophy and a gold medal
Second Prize: R15.000 and the John Roos silver medal
Third Prize: R10.000 and a bronze medal
Fourth Prize: R6.000
Fifth Prize: R4.000
Category prizes can be awarded

The adjudicators are not obliged to award any prize should the standard of the competitors not warrant it. Their choices during the competition are final.


Your recital in the third round must be between 30 and 35 minutes in length.

All sections must be rendered from memory.

Copies of works presented may be requested by the selection committee.

Rehearsal facilities available.

Round 1 – Recording

1. J. S. Bach Prelude en Fugue from Das Wohltemperierte Klavier as prescribed for round 2.

2. One virtuoso Etude as prescribed for round 2.

3. The first movement from a Sonata as prescribed for round 3.

4. Any work from the Romantic or late-Romantic period.

* Works can be recorded on separate tracks.

Round 2

1. One Prelude and Fugue from J.S. Bach’s Das Wohltemperiertes Klavier

2. Any virtuoso Etude (examples by Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Scriabin, Stravinsky, Prokofieff, Bartók and Kapustin – amongst various others).

3. South African work chosen from the following:*

i) Hubert du Plessis

Enige kontrasterende seleksie uit Preludes

Any contrasting selection from Preludes

ii) Stefans Grové

Nonyana, die seremoniële danser | Nonyana the ceremonial dancer

Any work from: Songs and Dances of Africa

iii) Hendrik Hofmeyr

Any concert piece for Piano

iv) Alexander Johnson

Jazz Impromptu 1, 2 or 3

Incantation 1,2 or 3

v) Peter Klatzow




vi) Surrendran Reddy

Toccata for John Roos

vii) Hans Roosenschoon




viii) Roelof Temmingh

Klavierstuk 1 or Klavierstuk 2

ix) Arnold van Wyk

Any concert piece for Piano

x) Jeanne Zaidel-Rudolph

Partials and Pedals

Virtuoso 1

* Candidates may submit an alternative South African composition not included in this list for approval before presenting it as part of their programme.

Round 3

(A programme of 30 to 35 minutes in length.)

1. One complete sonata chosen from the following:

J. Haydn:

Sonata in c (Hob. XVI/20)

Sonata in F (Hob. XVI/23)

Sonata in b (Hob. XVI 32)

Sonata in E-mol (Hob. XVI/49)

Sonata in C (Hob. XVI/50)

Sonata in D(Hob. XVI/51)

Sonata in E-mol (Hob. XVI/52)

W.A. Mozart:

Sonata in F K.280

Sonata in B-flat K.281

Sonata in D K.284

Sonata in a K. 310

Sonata in D K. 311

Sonata in C K.330

Sonata in B-flat K.333

Sonata in c K. 457

Sonata in D K. 576

M. Clementi:

Sonata in G minor Op. 7 no. 3

Sonata in F-sharp minor Op. 26 no. 2

Sonata in C Op. 34 no1

Sonata in D Op. 40 no 3

Sonata in B-flat Op. 47 no 2

L. van Beethoven:

Any Sonata except Opus 49 no. 1 and 2, and Opus 79

2. Any work from the Romantic or late Romantic period. The Romantic work presented for the recording round may be repeated.

3. Any work from the 20th- or 21st -Century (Not South African)

* Candidates may include additional works to conform to the overall time limit.

Final Round with Orchestra

(Minimum time: 10 minutes)

A movement from one of the following works for Piano and orchestra: (slow movements are only included if it must be paired with a fast movement).

J.S. Bach

Piano Concerto in d BWV 1052

L. van Beethoven

Any Piano Concerto

J. Brahms

Piano Concerto in d Op. 15

Piano Concerto in B-flat Op. 83

F. Chopin

Piano Concerto in f Op. 21

Piano Concerto in e Op. 11

Grand Polonaise Brillante with Andante Spianato Op. 22

E. Dohnanyi

Variations on a Nursery Song for Piano and Orchestra Op. 25

A. Dvorak

Concerto for Piano and Orchesrta

C. Franck

Variations Symphoniques for Piano and Orchestra

E. Grieg

Piano Concerto in a

D. Kabalevsky

Piano Concerto in D Op. 50

F. Liszt

Piano Concerto in A (complete)

Piano Concerto in E-flat (complete)

Hungarian Fantasy (complete)


Great Fantasy on Schubert’s Der Wanderer for Piano and Orchestra

H. Litolff

Concerto Symphonique No. 4

F. Mendelssohn

Piano Concerto in d Op. 40

Piano Concerto in g Op 25 (deel 2 en 3)

Capriccio Brilliant Op. 22 (volledig)

Rondo Brillante Op. 29 (volledig)

W.A. Mozart

Any Piano Concerto (except: K37, K39, K. 40. K. 41)

S. Prokofieff

Piano Concerto Nr. 1 in D-flat Op. 10

Piano Concerto Nr.3 in C Op. 26.

S. Rachmaninoff

Piano Concerto Nr. 1

Piano Concerto Nr. 2

M. Ravel

Piano Concerto in G

Piano Concerto for Left Hand in D


Piano Concerto in c-sharp Op. 30

C. Saint-Saëns

Any Piano Concerto (keep time requirement in mind)

Africa Fantasy Op. 89

R. Schumann

Piano Concerto in a Op. 54

Concert Piece in G Op. 92 (complete)

Concert Allegro with Introduction Op. 134

P. Tchaikovsky

Piano Concerto No. 1 in b-flat Op. 23

Piano Concerto No. 2 in G Op. 44

Piano Concerto No. 3 in E-flat Op. 75

C.M. von Weber

Concert Piece Op. 79 (complete)